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my last summer course

As the sun rises smilingly, as the bird chirping merrily, I woke up early praying fajr and it was a perfect Sunday morning, to start a new day and fulfilling my field task at AlMazar. I got as excited as it was my last summer course in JUST. Waiting at the Health Center, Irbid, which is about 20 minutes walking from my flat and as soon as I stepped there, all my colleagues happy and talking to each other some of them were looking for their subgroup friends. For Malaysian girls, we are happy seeing each other to start our mission today instead we were actually counting down our days left for our holiday at Malaysia..oh, its only about 2 weeks left!

At about 8.15 am, all of us packed in a green JUST bus and for Malaysian girls, as we are quite lean, we could sit 7girls at 5seats at the very back row, as some of our friends did not have their seat. The Arab people just laugh to see us sat like that. As we arrived at AlMazar, we were assigned to certain area like for mine, I will be with Aliaa and Afif that three of us did have different cases but, will be clustered to visit 20 houses together for thick and thin.

As time passed by, as we went to our 7th house for today, we got to met 2 unique cases which are osteogenesis imperfecta that will presented by Afif as this is his case (children below 5-year-old) and Wardenberg Syndrome that will be presented by Aliaa as this is part of her case (children age 5 to 15-year-old). I felt so glad to take the history and did have some photo with them. It is about 11 o’clock as I felt so tired to drink coffees at each house and we are still looking for our next patient to complete our task today. I did think it is my luck as I met a boy, Ahmed at the junction; he is so talkative and friendly to see us wearing the white coat at his village. He showed us his house and walking there with him. Looking at surrounding of his house, it is full of tree that I did not which type of it and next to his house, there is a white tame goat tied to the tree.

I felt so pleased to meet his grandfather crushing musically the coffee seeds in a woody coffee mortar; it is a practical homemade coffee that I met for the first time in my life.
His aunt, whom is lived next to his house, was so natural beauty and honestly smiling. By my first glance, I told myself that she seems pale compared to her mum and her other sisters. As I got her permission to ask several questions, I politely asked her about herself.

This gentle woman, aged 38-year-old, who lives in Duweir, AlMazar since her birth. As she finished her secondary school, she did some work at farm to help her parents before got married at 28-year-old to her own trustworthy cousin, who is 10 years older than her, that works as a kindergarten teacher nearby their house. That was the best moment in her life, as later on after 2 months marriage, she got pregnant but, it seems that she have to take iron supplement besides folate and B12 vitamin because her hemoglobin decreased to 8. She easily got drowsiness after doing some housework but her kind husband gave fully support and did help her in housework. She delivered normally a cute baby girl, Hana’ at the nearby hospital without any complication after 9 months pregnancy.

As time goes by, until now, she got three princess of her marriage instead of 10 pregnancies with six miscarriages and one stillbirth that died after got into NICU for 12 days due to low birth weight (1.200kg) and low gestational age (34weeks).

Feeling sorry to her, she felt depressed, as she always adored to inhale her baby’s sweet scent during nursing him and to nuzzle the silky fine of newborn hair. When she got the news that she was pregnant again, she was crossing her fingers, hoping this time around it would be a daughter. She was shattered when she miscarried during her second month of all before these. She became depressed and could not get over it. One year later (last year), she have had a gynecological surgery that is removing the fibroid and that was her first and the last surgery in her life until now. Nevertheless, she said that she always have had UTI and discharge usually after her marriage and severe UTI during pregnancy. Although the surgical cost is quiet high, they spend their saving according to priority. She has neither significant past medical history nor any specific allergy to food, drug and environment.

She has consanguinity between her and her husband, both of them have O+ blood type without family history of miscarriage, no inherited disease or congenital anomalies and chronic disease. She is the only one in her family that got problem of low hemoglobin and is on iron intake regularly everyday.

Staying in a rented, well ventilated house with her husband and three daughters, whom are 9-year-old, 5-year-old and 2-year-old. Her husband income is JD220 per month. They did not eat chicken or lamb everyday, it is just twice a week, otherwise, they prefer to eat bread. She always feels grateful although they did not have insurance for medical purpose. She raises a cat inside her house and baths him once a week.

For differential diagnosis, I do think she did have six miscarriages might probably due to either infection of regularly UTI, or translocation of maternal karyotype, or cervical incompetence, or toxoplasmosis infection of the cat.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this summer course with my entire friends in Section 2 especially to my subgroup-mates, Rumeysa’, Fatema and Miyaser, thank you for everything and its nice to be with you girls. I also would like to dedicate my special thanks to our beloved lecturer, Prof Ahmad M.Al-Khafaji for his supportive and guidance. Sorry for all the mistakes that I do not intend to do. Wish you all the best!

*my report story for my last summer course at JUST (^_^) it was around July 2009

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