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sanah helwah

Alhamdulillah 3x.. hopefully to be a better person in any aspects, insya Allah.

I'd like to write many things about this date..but, as tomorrow I'm going to have a dermatology examination (do pray for me), so..I'll do it later.

Anyway, thank u to all my family members, my **a**** (u know who you're) & my friends for all the wishes, sms, messages, e-cards, presents and so on.. really appreciate all of them!
may Allah bless all of you.

As usual, I'll reward something to myself and for this 24th birthday~my handmade tiramisu cake. Alhamdulillah. Hihi, proud of myself, lol~

Sanah Helwah Dearie Myself.. (^_~)

"Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?" (Ar-Rahman:16)

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3 walk-the-talk:

tembikai said...

happy besday!!

littlekhalifah7 said...

seperti kutahu itu bintang2.. yang bercahaya di langit malam (layout blog yg hitam).. ^^

ainshams said...

Ku ct: hehee..kiter celebrate pre & post bday ek..

djamin: syyy..terkantoi plak! alaa..paham2 sendiri la.. lol~