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craving for..

Uh..suddenly craving for something.. wanting my "hand made sushi"..I ate just now, loudly.. J-U-S-T-N-O-W.. just now.. but, erm.. dont judge satiety by his/her body size.. uh..what sound is that.. ?? Miss Lin, forgive me for this out-of-nowhere English saying..well, alhamdulillah..i got an A1 for english, also an A1 for 1119 during spm 2003 @ kisas.. owh, for God sake..IT WAS!

But, where is seaweed..?? I cant go to Amman for this weekend, and also next weekend looking for seaweed.. so, how could i fullfill my dream? yeah..may be on January 22nd, as insya Allah there'll be 2nd MPPM meeting at Amman.

When there is a will, there is a way.. OMG, is it suitable?? huhu..

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