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I just finished up enjoying a novel, Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon. Life of women doctors years ago is tougher than these days. But I do believe that some part of the story is applicable nowadays.

"She said I'm married to hospital and she's right. I'm spending my whole life here, taking care of strangers instead of being with people I love"

"I don't want you, you looks too young. I want a real doctor"

"I heard you killed your patient. I won't let you operate my dog"

"I think we should have vacation. First class all the way!"

"Time had lost all meaning for Paige. There was no beginning and no end, and the days and nights flowed into another in a seamless rhythm. The hospital had become her whole life. The outside world was foreign, faraway planet"

Then, I'll continue to another 3 books. One of them is Increase Your Financial IQ, Get Smarter with Your Money by Robert T.Kiyosaki.

1. What is Financial Intelligence?
2. The Five Financial IQs
3. Financial IQ #1, Making More Money
4. Financial IQ #2, Protecting Your Money
5. Financial IQ #3, Budgeting Your Money
6. Financial IQ #4, Leveraging Your Money
7. Financial IQ #5, Improving Your Financial Information
8. The Integrity of Money
9. Developing Your Financial Genius
10. Developing Your Financial IQ, Some Practical Applications

Let's plan our money, our saving, our brighter future :)

Welcome to my last rotation~Obstetric &'s all about women, get to know more about ourselves

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