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100~yalla bai

Lalalaaa~My 100th entry!!

Alhamdulillah, asbahna 3la fitratil Islam (",)

Tanpa disedari, 2 rotation sudah diselesaikan. Insya Allah hanya berbaki Paediatrics (Jan-Feb), Obs & Gynecology (Mac-April), Final MCQ&Oral (Mei)...oh, cuak nak finale, ok!

Mengimbas exam surgery (read: horrible surgery) 3 hari lalu. Setiap station osce 5 minit, kes panjang~dekat 5-6 baris (kat bawah ni saya dah summarize), kena buat physical exam/ambil history & jawab oral 5 soalan.

Station 1, Male patient diagnosed to have colon adenocarcinoma (kanser usus), found through Ultrasound having liver mets. Kes panjang, 5 baris. Nak kena buat full physical exam up-toe & jawab 5 soalan, all in 5 minutes only. station pertama selalu cuak terlebih!

Station 2, Male patient experienced throbbing perianal pain (sakit pada dubur), fever & done surgery last 2 months. Now he complaint of discharge at her under-cloth.
Ini ada 5 arahan juga, ambil history (mula-mula blurr jap, apa yang nak ditanya ni), apa diagnosis masa mula-mula dia sakit dulu yang menyebabkan perlu surgery (perianal abscess), apa diagnosis sekarang (fistula), apa kesan keadaan sekarang (recurrent, incontinence), apa management(fistulotomy).

Station 3, Doc Muhd Ghazu (my supervisor for renal tumor seminar~OMG! He still recognizes me..)
male patient having liver cirrhosis (hati rosak), do physical exam. (kes 3baris)
Inspection hand~looking for leukonychia, poilonychia, beau's line, palmar erythema, dupuytren's contracture, flapping tremor.
Head & neck~looking for pallor, jaundice, fetor oris, flushing of face
Chest~looking for gynecomastia, loss of hair, spider nevi
Abdomen~looking for abdomen distension, striae, caput medusa, everted umbilicus, ascites (do transmitted thrill & shifting dullness maneuver), palpate organomegaly (reduced liver span & spleenomegaly), auscultate bowel sound, renal arteries etc.
The rest~looking for testis atrophy, do PR exam for hemorrhoids, muscle wasting, petechiae & bleeding (as low vitamin K)
Alhamdulillah, I perform very well in last station (as a compensation for my 1st station), by a glance I could see all points being ticked by the doctor . huhu~eagle's eye!

That's for osce. Mini-osce 10 slides with 10 cases+pictures/Xray/CT scan/MRI, with 4 questions that need about 3 answers in each. Each slides in 2 minutes only. Memang ada (agak banyak) yang tak sempat! haih.

After all, alhamdulillah kholasna. Markah? tawakal.

Opss, why I can't stop smiling?? grr~not an insane.
Excited of going back to Malaysia this noon for 10weeks vacation. Ehem, it's not a really vacation as I'm going to do practical about 6weeks at Hosp Selayang.
Ok, continue packing my things. Have a safe journey insya Allah.

Ehem, jangan lupa solat sunat dhuha & solat sunat musafir sebelum keluar rumah. Daa!

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