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golden memories

Suddenly the memories of years ago flashed back. It made me feel to watch all the actions during tournaments of WTF (primary school) & ITF (Maahad). So, here I put some video of real tournament, but surely not mine actually. Sounds like I'm running out of my skills for quite a long time. My lost!

My pride to won in tournaments during my child, my excitement and sweat during weekly practicing, my good team with top master which we gathered in thick & thin. All these come by layers. Unluckily, not even a single picture of those memories with me right now but believe or not, there're still clear in my mind.

Insya Allah tomorrow I do have an MPPM meeting at Amman and on Saturday I'll join BLS~Basic Life Support Training Programme with all practices & exams, also at Amman. Do pray for my flying colours in that BLS exam.
In conclusion~WAA : weekend at Amman. Gotcha!

NB : Not to forget ~Recite Al-Kahfi, ok as tomorrow is Sayyidul Ayyam.

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