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My B4 group members~all 28 students will be distributed to 12 OTs

It's really like a medical student's life..guess why?? As our juniors totally have fun with their winter holidays, we, clinical medical students still have to perform all the routine wisely at hospital, for thick and thin. And every week I've exams. Miserable life as exams are like waiting their turn to be seen by me. Oh God!

Having my lunch this noon, i got an sms from my housemate, that she's now at Asfour, the crystal heaven at Egypt.

I told her, 'somehow I feel like, you're having fun shopping those things and still I've to rush in OT. How dedicated I am, uh..'

And she replied, 'well, you're medical student rite,.. huhu'.

Yeah, it's a path that I chose since about 5 years, just go through with success, no turning back! Insya Allah~

So, for these 2 weeks, my group (B4) will enjoy our Takhdeer, which is anesthetic rotation. It's not the anesthetic materials that really enjoy (how could I enjoy those pharmacology stuffs..grr), but, the point is that, we can freely enter to any OT-operation theater anytime we want. Seeing many doctors' action in OT..viewing their teamwork between surgeons, anesthetics, doctors, nurses and so on. All of them try to do their job perfectly as all about saving patients' life. So, in any operation, that's not about the surgeon's skills only, but all about bond of teamwork and Allah's will.

Herm, TEAMWORK..the wonderpets' song ringing in my ear.. & suddenly, a glance of this verse appeared in my mind,

"Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression. And fear Allâh. Verily, Allâh is Severe in punishment" (Al-Maidah:2)

As today I've seen the operations of fibroadenoma of the breast, cataracts, pterygium in conjunctiva and cleft lip of a 5-year-old girl. Asking many things to the doctors there, hopefully they won't get annoying of the-innocent-me. But who knows, they're really informative. Hopefully, tomorrow I could see and learn more interesting operations~O&G and corneal graft may be..and also learn much more about anesthetic stuffs.

Erm, as tomorrow I've to present seminar about IV Inhalation (Do pray for me & my friends). Just quick viewing of the objectives, honestly, I don’t get any details idea about that..just little info in OT just now. So, the next step surely>>study well about the topics & prepare slides for the seminar. Good luck!

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5 walk-the-talk:

ijad said...

selamat bertugas...

Fez said...

Mcm ramai je..cukup ke scrub ni..

ainshams said...

ijad: thnx

faezza: cukup jek..yg pasti, kiter nyer special la..sbb 'asghor isyi'.. hihi..

hikmah kembara said...

salam ziarah.......

yellowrose said...

akk inhalational ke iv agent ?
salah satu jekla kak ain ..ahaks

kalo inhalational sng jek..
kne tau konsep
2nd gas effect