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"B4 Girls" enjoyable evening

Not a single picture is allowed to post, as this was girls' day-in. huhu. It's just a sudden decision..during morning report of radiology. Actually, it was planning about few weeks ago that we wanted to have gathering, cooking & eating together..just us. But, as every weeks we had exams for these whole 5 weeks, so we couldn't make it. Ehem, as we don’t have any exam this week, (Thanks God! although next Thursday we'll have radiology exam), but..yeah, that is next week matter, full stop. The point is, we wanna have fun after getting exhausted of all those exams stuff.

Enjoying an amusing evening moment as omamah cooked maqlubah, karwan and maryam made 2 different saltah, maisa' with her yummy spagethi..heba&khulud bought a chocolate cake..& I just made a frozen strawberry cheese cake with blueberry topping on it, for our light dessert. Our venue at sumi's house.. well, it’s an 'Arabic menu' session for this time, really luscious. Thumbs up to everyone! (^_~) So, for next 2 weeks, during forensic rotation, insya Allah we'll have a Malay menu session then. For me, being as medical students is NOT an excuse to be pro with the kitchen's just like a 'platinum bonus credit' for career

So many things popped out before, during and after our lunch, opss, supposedly I name it dinner. We figured out many things about us. Whatever issues we 'discussed'(seems good uh? haha), those surely a top secret among us, only. That's why if we wanna know or get close to someone, have a journey with her, eat & play together..not only during routinely lectures and clinics.

Always together do not mean we could have chemistry, and also not always seems that we'll get along heartedly. It's about give and take. Accept, understanding, cherish and support each other, some points in relationship rule.

A day before was a Valentine's Day (click here), that lovely Omamah did chat with me during break between the lectures.

Omamah: Ain, do u have a date with your bf today?

Me: Sorry, pardon me..?? (Getting confused, honestly..what kind of quest is it?)

Omamah: Well, today is Valentine..

Me: Owh..just realize, about Valentine.. erm…Nope, I didn’t have any date..

Omamah: Don’t u have a bf?

Me: What can I say..I don’t have 'A' bf, but I do have boyfriendsss… hahahaa (all my colleagues are my friends, rite..?)

Omamah: Hahaa..u are really Ain. But, I don’t think u don’t have any special guy. Have u receive any chocolates before this?

Me: OMG! Do I have to answer?

Omamah: Surely..tell me.

Me: Yeah, I did..

Omamah: So, what kind of chocolates u got that u love the most? And who's that?

Me: Ferrero Rocher.. Opss, that's mega secret! Hahaa..

Omamah: Oo..I'll figure out about this. That's good for u, Ain! I'm happy for u..

Me: Thanks dear. So, what’s your plan for Valentine? Does u celebrate?

Omamah: my bf at J*******m, so, I will have date with Maryam today..she will bring me roses & I will bring her chocolates.

Me: Oh, how sweet to have a date with Maryam. So, if 'he' is here, will u celebrate Valentine with him?

Omamah: Nope. If Valentine is about love..for me, everyday is our love day..Not only 1402.

Me: Yeah, do agree..also about the history of Valentine Day rite..? The Catholic and so on.. (then we chatted about those 'histories, click here')

Omamah:, we should just have fun with our girlfriendsss..

Practically in this real world, lots of couple does celebrate Valentine's Day (click here), same goes to unmarried couples. What poor human beings for unmarried couples. I'm sick of this. Don’t we realize that Allah is our loyal Stalker?

What I know, I will celebrate 1402, for my classmate's birthday, Madam Fatimah Zahra Norman a.k.a Teem..and also for Khairul Nazeri's wedding. Both are my old friends at KISAS. May Allah always shower all of us with Iman till our last breath, insya Allah.

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