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I'd like to write down about something..

I still cant differentiate between sayang, cinta, kasih.. Well, different people have different meaning, different perception. In's just about L-I-K-E or L-O-V-E ..bass (just).

"Aku mencintaimu kerana agamamu, andai hilang agamamu, maka hilanglah cintaku terhadapmu"-Imam Nawawi.

Sorry to say, I know that he means, "deen is the top of important list"..but, in other side, I do think that, if u really love him/her, if he/she just 'out of his/her deen', why don’t you pull him/her back , turn to the right path..

If we love someone, we want the best (Jannah) for that one, saah(rite)??

Then, I start to think that, love without rules.

I: Why do you like him?? Because he is kind, really appreciate me..blabla.. (stereotype answer)

II: Why do you like him?? I don’t know, it just happen (get married)

See, there are 2 out of all answers that I always hear. For me, I'd like to choose number 2, means, we just destined, cant clarify that 'why'.. its all about HEART.. so, years after years, I do agree with this theory..

In other situation..'kenapa awak pilih sy?'.. 'Kalau hati & iman dah suka, nak seribu daya'.

But, until recently, I found out this video that construct a little bit of my theory.

"Heart is inconstant; it changes every hour physiologically naturally bi iznillah"

Erm, that’s why some people were asked, 'why both of you got divorced?' 'Now, we don’t love each other anymore, IT WAS'. So, today you love and suddenly it (love) just disappear.. J-U-S-T.. even without any mistake.

So, how do love STILL & KEEP INCREASING ON AND ON..that is>>if we put our love for Him. Perfect reliance on Allah. Means, we love he/she for Him, as long as we tied to Him (insya Allah forever), so that our love always in an active condition.

Cinta bersyarat>Sandarkan cinta kerana-Nya.

Dengan itu, andai dia tersadung, kita akan cuba membantu, andai dia kurang semangat keimanan, kita sirami benih-benih keimanan, andai dia alpa, kita pengingat setia, andai dia lemah, kita penguat motivasi, walau apapun yang terjadi, kita sanggup insya Allah..kenapa?? kerana..kita buat kerana-Nya, maka, kita pelihara cinta yang diutuskan oleh hamba-Nya yang telah ditentukan untuk kita.

This theory seems idealistic reality, if anything happen, just remember & turn to Allah, full stop! Because He is the only One who grab our heart, our feeling, put that feeling inside us.. Insya Allah.

Hopefully, someday, I will love someone that created for me, for the sake of Allah.. that we're destined together by His willing..

Sesungguhnya, cinta-Mu yang paling kudamba, andai Kau berpaling daripadaku, maka tiada nilainya aku di dunia dan akhirat, na'uzubillah.

Ya Allah, pemilik hati-hati manusia..peliharalah hatiku setiap masa & situasi, semoga hati ini dididik untuk ikhlas dan semakin mencintai-Mu seumur hidupku.

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