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dup dap

So many things to jot down here but feels out of time.. but, it doesn't mean I'm studying 24/7..huhu~

Finally, today is my last day dawam at hospital for Surgery rotation. Suddenly the shining of exam's aura waving at me..grrr.. still I'm not finishing my study yet, lots of things to read, memorize, repeat.. OMG!!

This week is full of exams for all my 6th year colleagues, wish you all the best friends (^_^)

Deep inside (unfortunately obviously transparent =P) , there's a pleasant feeling to meet my family this coming weekend. (but also some palpitation..why uh? could be due to over-excited? huhu)

Owh, stop. Back to reality. study study & study!! Allahumma yassirna Allahumma najjihna.

Mini-osce & osce Surgery~Tuesday, 19/10. Pray for me, uh. Thanks!

Ehem, not to forget~feliz cumpleaƱos 24to mi novia. Wish u luck & happiness ever after.

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